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Q. Do you provide designs so I can do my own installation?

A. Due to the amount of time involved in providing a plan, our preferance is to only create designs for projects we will be installing. If you are interested in having our company handle your project, our designers will provide you with a complimentary work up of your plans.



Q. Do you install or modify existing landscape designs I have from another company?

A. Yes, we would be happy to look at your plans and do the job.



Q. Can I look at plants or materials prior to project installation?

A. Our landscape designers may have catalogs of materials and samples of materials for your viewing. Due to outsourcing plants & materials, there is no specific location we can take you to. Our team will do there best at picking out the most beautiful and lush plantings for your project to enhance the beauty of your home.



Q. What are your guarantees for plants and materials?

A. Your designer will provide you with information about warranties for plants and materials. In most cases, plants are guaranteed for one year with proper care and watering.



Q. When will my job begin?

A. Backlogs vary through out the year depending on time of the month. Your designer will give you an approximate time at the time of proposal, weather permitting.



If you have any questions not listed, please contact us at (708)299-5223 and we'd be happy to help.

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